The Holy Whore is "a woman, who, through ritual or
psychological development, has come to know the spiritual side
of her sexuality, her true Eroticism, and lives this out according
to her individual circumstances."
(The Sacred Prostitute)

A Sacred Prostitute uses sex as a means to God/Goddess and to
enlightenment. Occult traditions such as Tantra, and magical orders,
which esteem the Holy Whore, persuade us to experience our divinity by
immersing ourselves in the fires of sexual passion and the baptismal
waters of sexual ritual. Sexuality becomes sacred when the Goddess
residing in every woman is honored.

In This Course You Will:

  • Discover the gifts that these amazing women known as
    Sacred/Temple Prostitutes or Holy Whores have to offer to you
  • Learn about their legacy and your how it will
    empower you.
  • Gain a deeper more personal connection to what these women
    represent for you today.
  • Embody this aspect of yourself more fully and learn how to open
    to your own gifts as a modern day Sacred Courtesan.
The Legacy of the Sacred
and the Holy Whore
Date:            TBA
Time:           TBA
Location:   Anywhere you are
Cost:            $160 ($40 per class)

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