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body. Here we discuss what it means to express our full feminine essence, expand our
definitions of sexual and feminine power, and just have a great time.

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Patricia Taylor, PhD, is the leading teacher of Expanded
Orgasm in the world today. Her studies in this field extend  
over twenty years. She makes regular media appearances,
has published two books, has produced a full-length sex
education video, and has led countless classes and
playshops. Her work has touched the hearts, minds, bodies,
and spirits of tens of thousands of explorers.
Patricia Taylor, PhD
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Our first show introduces to you Dr. Patti Taylor.
In our latest show we are very happy to introduce you to Sabrina Chaw.
Sabrina Chaw
Offers coaching in diet and nutrition as well as
leading women's groups and assisting David
Deida in his S.F. workshops.  You can read
more about her at:

"Sabrina passionately guides women to unleash
their vitality and vibrancy, bringing out their
courage, juice, and power… excavating their
blocks, transforming them into love, and
empowering them to live the innate gifts they
yearn to live.”