The Yoni Empowerment Ceremony and Playshop
The Yoni Empowerment Ceremony/Playshop is an opportunity for you to reconnect
with a very sacred part of your body, your yoni or vulva.

For thousands of years the vulva has been an ancient symbol of women’s power, fertility and
the creative life force of the universe.

Today through this very powerful and life transforming ceremony you will be able to once
again learn how beautiful this part of your body  is and open to the source of your authentic
feminine power.

By participating in this truly amazing ceremony you will:

  • Reconnect with the source of your feminine power.
  • Give a voice to your vulva through Yoni Speak.
  • See your yoni as the beautiful jewel that she is.
  • Have a deeper understanding of genital typing and the nine types of yoni.
  • Begin to heal any past trauma you may have regarding your vulva.
  • Make a beautiful altar piece of your yoni to take home.

During this transformational day you will come to love and appreciate your yoni and allow
her energy to express through you in art. You will also have the opportunity to share your
transformation and be witnessed by other women as you share about your beautiful altar
Cost:  $175, Early Registration $150. (To hold your space a $50 non-refundable
deposit is requested).

Date:  TBA

To Register via PayPal: Please see below
The Yoni Empowerment Ceremony and Playshop