What Is a Temple Sister?
What Exactly is A Temple Sister?
For thousands of years women have been gathering in sacred circles to recognize the
bond that unites them.  It is this bond that goes deeper than women being friends or
even being a “sister” that I am addressing.  

Having a woman's body is the bond that unites all women everywhere.  It is because of
our sex, our vulva or yoni and our ability to create life, that women are deeply
connected and bonded.  

The “yoni” and the symbol that represents this aspect of our bodies’, is one of the most
ancient symbols for feminine power.  Throughout the many civilizations of Goddess
based cultures, this symbol of feminine power has been used.  There have been cults
developed about the power of the “yoni” in Ancient India, and the flow of the “elixir of
life” or amrita.

It is through our reclaiming our erotic innocence, and the innocence of our body that we
reclaim the innocence of all women everywhere and step into our sisterhood and our
authentic feminine power.

It is through this portal which is the doorway into a woman’s full feminine power which
we have denied or partially embodied that we as women unite in our Temple Sisterhood.

There is nothing you have to do to become a part of this sisterhood other than making a
conscious decision that this bond between women is one that transcends the collective
belief about women and their bodies. This bond rather than seeding more competition,
jealousy and fear between women can unite us as we learn to trust, support and
collaborate with one another.
 She knows what she wants and knows how to attract it into
her life.
 She loves, respects and honors herself and therefore loves,
respects and honors other women.
 She sees the priestess in all women.
 She expresses her authentic self.
 She knows her mind but follows her heart.
 She understands the power of her sex, has reclaimed her erotic
innocence and fully expresses her sexuality authentically.
 She lives in innocence and celebrates being a woman.
 She loves her body no matter what shape, size, and age she is,
and treats it as a Temple.
 She is in her full glory and power as a woman.
 She is passionate about life and about sharing her gifts.

                                She Is You!