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We have all suffered from trauma of some sort, whether it be sexual, emotional, physical or spiritual abuse. Did you know that
over 30% of all women in the U.S. have suffered from sexual abuse. Healing from sexual trauma can be a deeply empowering
and life changing experience and it takes great courage to commit to this type of healing work for yourself.  I applaud you for
coming this far, and if you choose to do my Womb Healing Session series you will be able to reclaim the aspects of yourself that
have been fragmented as a result of the trauma and call them back. Then the integration process of bringing yourself back home
and becoming whole will start.

bout the Sessions:
Each session is guided by you, the client. You have total control to have your session be whatever you decide you want it to be.
I have no agenda other than to be of support and in service to what you want your session to be. I require that you fill out an intake form
so that I may get to know you better and will send it to you by email. Usually, we will go over your intake form in your first session
before we do anything else.

What is a Vulva Massage:
The Vulva Blessing or Sacred Spot Massage is an ancient 5,000 year old tantric massage that is specifically given to women to release
the stored cellular memory and trauma held within her G-spot or Goddess Spot. The main purpose of this type of massage is so that she
can release the memory of the trauma in that has been stored in your G-spot and over time become more sexually responsive and

Although I am telling you about the Vulva Massage, it is something that may or may not ever happen in your session, since your session is
run entirely by you. I have found that for most of my clients, an actual massage may happen in later session, but usually not at first. Of
course each session is unique unto itself and so there is no way to know until we are in your session what will occur. You will be held in
a safe and sacred container of energy where you can truly relax, open and be yourself.

After the first 3 sessions are completed you may decide to continue with me or you may desire to bring in your partner
if you have one, so that he or she can learn how to do this work with you as well.  I do recommend that if you are in an on-going
relation-ship that your partner does learn how to become your sexual healer as this will not only support your healing process but it will
also deepen your relationship. I provide training for him if you decide you would like to do this.

3 Session Series:
$540  (Payment plans are available upon request. If you pay in advance for the entire series you will receive a $50

If you have further questions about these private sessions or to schedule one please either email me at:
theschoolofwomensmysteries@gmail.com or call me at: 415-717-9378.
Womb Healing Sessions
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