The Light of Womanhood ~ Priestess of the Flame Initiation and Training is
an initiation into your authentic feminine power.  It is both a collective and a
personal journey through the layers that have veiled your relationship with the
source of your feminine power, your Shakti and womb power. It is an initiation
that will prepare your spiritual, physical, emotional and energetic bodies to  be
frequency holders of the New Divine Feminine Energy
The Light of Womanhood – Priestess of The Flame
Initiation and Training 2013
The full tuition for this eight month training and initiation is $2,704 or
$333 per month.

There are several payment options.

A. Pay the full tuition by March 1st and receive a discount of $500 off the
total tuition.
B. Pay half the tuition of the course by March 1st, and the balance by the
June 22 and receive a discount of $300 off the total tuition.
C. Monthly payments of $333.

Deposit is equivalent to the first month’s payment of $333 due by
February 15th.

**If you feel strongly called to do this program and find that the above
payment plans do not work for you please call us as we may be able to work
out some other type of payment arrangement.

Dates 2013

The 2013 Light of Womanhood ~ Priestess of the Flame Initiation and

The Training is one weekend a month for eight months but we are skipping

March 16th-17th
April 20-21st

May 18th-19th
June 22-23rd

July 20-21st
August 24-25th

September 21-22nd

October 19-20th

If you are coming from out of town we will do our best to try and find you
accommodations with local participants if we are able to.

To apply for the 2013 training, Click Here!

If you have further questions about the program please feel to either
email at or call me at: 415-717-9378.
What is a Priestess?

To be a priestess in this modern world requires a dedication to the practice of
moment to moment presence, and to listening to your own inner wisdom. When
you become a Priestess, you are capable of holding a certain vibration that is
sourced from within the depths of your soul: living the consciousness of a
Priestess. You are courageous, strong, steadfast to your own Truth, and
confident in your abilities to fulfill your life’s calling whatever that may be.  You
are unwavering love in the presence of any darkness within you or before you,
willing to reveal your shadow and to shine the light of your divine nature upon it.
You are willing to be the clear reflection of that Truth to whomever might stand
before you.

As a Priestess you are in service to the flame of your own womanhood, your
inner light of the Divine Feminine. The only vow you take is one with your Self
to be a true vessel of love and to serve in whatever way you consciously choose
with joy.  

About the Program

During the course of this eight month training you will be asking yourself
questions that you may have never asked before. You will have the opportunity
to delve deep into your sexual secrets, heal those wounds that have kept you in
bondage in this life and previous lifetimes as a woman. You will shed the skin
that has kept you bound in the lies of lifetime after lifetime regarding your self-
worth, your value as a woman, your woman’s body and your sexual allure.  
You will have the opportunity to share your sexual stories and be witnessed by
other women so that you can release and forgive whatever parts of that story you
no longer wish to carry. You can rewrite your sexual story and reclaim your
sexual innocence and power, knowing that as you do that for yourself you are
doing that for all women everywhere.

In this program you will explore what it means to be and live as a woman who is
in her full feminine sexual power. You will learn about the secret Herstory of the
Sacred Prostitute and the Holy Whore.  Through exercises, sacred theater and
meditations you will learn, explore and embody the various sexual archetypes of
the goddess and shift your frequency from one of density into light, reclaiming
your Authentic Feminine Power. You will become a frequency holder of the New
Feminine Energy and the Light of Womanhood.  As you raise your own vibration
to one that is anchored in this New Feminine Energy and become the powerful
leader that you are, you will be able to assist women and men to do the same.

The New Divine Feminine

The New Divine Feminine is the next octave of a higher feminine vibration for
the 21st Century woman and for all.  New archetypes of the feminine and
masculine must be created! Our new story of creation is being birthed as we live
it! We are weaving a new story of our own destiny in each moment and as each
of us align with our new crystalline bodies, living more and more as spiritual
beings having a human experience. We are all beginning to live our divine
purpose as this new world takes shape based on the complementary energies of
both the masculine and the feminine.

Each segment of this training whether it is as part of the on-line program or Bay
Area training, is designed to take you step by step through this very personal
journey and to provide you with a community of women who have committed to
this unique and sacred in-depth process, women who feel the call to be frequency
holders of the New Divine Feminine Energy and as The Light of Womanhood for
themselves, their families, their communities, their nations and for the entire
The Light of Womanhood/Priestess of the Flame Initiation Outline

(This is an eight month program meeting one weekend a month)
Story of Eve and the Fall innocence and the stain of “original sin”.  We will
also clear out the past life innocence and the stain of “original sin”.  We will
also clear out the memories stored in the cells of your body, your mother’s
lineage and Gaia Herself.

Phase II

Awakening to the Source of Your Feminine Power – You will establish a
new relationship with your Yoni, (womb, vagina), the home of your feminine
power. You will explore and embody the sexual archetype of the Sacred
Prostitute and Sexual Healer. You will also look at how your sexual energy is
used in your relationships and how women were forced to use their sexuality to
survive throughout history. You will learn the art of feminine allure and the
New Feminine Mystique and how to use your allure and sexual energy without
manipulation or as a way to survive but rather as a divine presence of love and

Phase III

Embracing Your Sexual Power –We will explore the sexual archetypes of the
Lilith, the Primal Goddess and the Goddess of Love.Together we will create a  
sacred theater to open ourselves to these archetypes and to become
comfortable with them. You will also have the opportunity to create new
archetypes for yourself and for all women and to increase your abilities to
master your sexual energy.

Phase IV

The New Feminine Mystique - Embodying Your Full Feminine Power –
Redefining what it means to be a sexy, powerful woman; walking  and living as
The Light of Womanhood and a Priestess of the Flame in the world. Your last
weekend will also include an ordination ceremony.