The Light of Womanhood ~ Priestess of the Flame Initiation and Training is
an initiation into your authentic feminine power.  It is both a collective and a
personal journey through the layers that have veiled your remembering what your
natural power as a woman is and how to use it. This power is your sexual essence  
and your ability to create life which was once considered a great gift to humankind.
It is a training where you will reclaim, remember and reconnect with the source of
your feminine sexual power and to step fully into to it as a sexually whole and
integrated woman.
The Light of Womanhood – Priestess of The Flame
Initiation and Training 2017
discounted rate. It will never be offered again at this rate so don’t wait
to take advantage of this opportunity.

The full tuition for this eight-month program is $1,995. We are offering
several payment options.

    A. Pay the full tuition a month before the class starts and receive a
    discount of $250 off the total tuition.
    B. Pay half the tuition of the course the first class, and the balance by the
    December 15th and receive a discount of $150.
    C. Four payments of $500 paid within the first 4 months.

**If you feel strongly called to do this program and find that the above
payment plans do not work for you please call us as we may be able to
work out some other type of payment arrangement.

Deposit is equivalent to the first month’s payment of $250.00 due a month
before the course starts or before.

You can receive all of your deposit back if notified within 60 days of the
first class.
You can receive a 50% of your deposit back if notified within 30 days of the
first class.
 NOTE: All deposits are non-refundable after this date.

(Your deposit can be applied to another training or workshop if you
cancelled after the cut off date for refunds).

2016 DATES

Intro to the training: TBA
The Light of Womanhood ~ Priestess of the Flame Initiation and
for 2016 will be announced.  The training is one weekend a month
for eight months. Please check back with us for the dates.

Accommodations for Out of Towners:
If you are coming from out of town we will do our best to try and find you
accommodations with local participants if we are able to or you can try or AirB&B.


Early Registration is encouraged the class is limited in space.

If you would like to apply for the 2016 training you will need to fill out the

Since this course is a life transforming experience and will go very deep, I
ask that only women who are sincere, dedicated and committed to this path
of service and transformation apply.

You may send your deposit to: Shoshana Aurassia (this is my legal
name) at: P.O. Box 2011, Rohnert Park, CA 94927, to hold your space
or use PayPal account:

If you have further questions about the program please feel free to either
email me or call me at: 415-717-9378.
What is a Priestess?

To be a priestess in this modern world requires a dedication to the practice of
moment to moment Presence, and to listening to your own inner guidance.
When you become a priestess you are able to hold a certain vibration that is
sourced from within the depths of your soul.  You are courageous, strong, stead-
fast to your own Truth, and confident in your own abilities to fulfill your life’s
calling whatever that may be.  You are unwavering love in the presence of any
darkness before you, willing to reveal your shadow and to shine the light of your
divine nature upon it. You are willing to be the clear reflection of that Truth to
whoever might stand before you.

What is a Priestess of the Flame?

To be a Priestess of the Flame is to be a woman who understands the full
magnitude of her sexual power. She understands where this power originated
from and how to use it wisely and with love. She is a force to be reckoned
with… she is a woman who stands for a shift in our current paradigm of
sexuality and specifically women’s sexuality.  She is in service to the flame of
her own femininity and womanhood and not afraid to be a part of the changes
that she believes are necessary.

What is the Light of Womanhood?

The Light of Womanhood is the flame of your own spirit that is lighting your
way home to your authentic feminine power. The light is also a frequency of the
Divine Feminine which was ignited when Venus eclipsed the sun in 2011. This
energy is a wave of light that is specifically for the creation of a new paradigm
of the feminine. Within many women, especially women of the younger
generation, this new frequency has lain dormant. When this Light of
Womanhood is brought into the body of each woman it will over time ignite
within you a new vibration of the Divine Feminine that will assist in bringing
forth a new paradigm of the feminine… and a more whole and complete
embodiment of your feminine power.

About the Course

During the course of this eight month training you will ask yourself questions
that you may have never asked before.  You will have the opportunity to:

  • Delve deep into your sexual secrets; heal those wounds that have kept you in
    bondage not only in this life but in previous lifetimes as a woman.
  • Shed the skin that has kept you bound in the lies of lifetime after lifetime
    regarding your self-worth, your value as a woman, your woman’s body and
    your sexual allure.  
  • Tell your sexual stories, to be witnessed by other women to release and
    forgive whatever parts of that story you no longer wish to carry.
  • Rewrite your sexual story and reclaim your sexual innocence and power,
    knowing that as you do that for yourself you are doing that for all women

In this program you will explore what it means to be and live as a woman who is
in her full authentic sexual power. You will be initiated into the ancient  
matriarchal sexual traditions and become a lineage holder of these traditions and
a Priestess of the Flame.

You Will:
  • Be taken step-by -step through a very personal life changing journey of
    reclaiming your authentic sexual power and these matriarchal sexual
  • Learn how to embody this information as you first heal your own sexual
    story and wounds and rewrite it for yourself and the collective . Reconnect
    with the source of your feminine power, your yoni or vulva, through a
    sacred ceremony known as, The Yoni Empowerment Ceremony.
  •  Learn how to embody the four major archetypes/ aspects of the
    goddesses of love and sexuality, so that you can become fully integrated
    and sexually whole.
  • Be prepared to be a leader and teacher in your own community and in the
    world, and a holder of this new frequency of the Priestesses of the Flame
    and the Light of Womanhood to help establish this new paradigm of  
    sexuality for our world.
  • Be ordained in this lineage and as a Priestess of the Flame.

You will also become a woman who embodies your power in a new way, who  
radiates with it and therefore is able to be a teacher and guide for other women
and girls. You will become the change makers and leaders of this new way of  
being for women with their sexual power, and a bring forth the new paradigm
for all women to live by.
The Light of Womanhood/Priestess of the Flame Initiation
Program Outline

(This is an eight-month program meeting one weekend a month)

Reclaiming the Innocence of Our Bodies and Reweaving the Collective
Story of Eve and the Fall

  • Share your sexual story and be witnessed by other women.
  • Learn the meaning of the Fall and the true story of Eve.
  • Reclaim the innocence of your body.
  • Rewrite your sexual story.
  • Clear past life cellular memories of your mother’s lineage for yourself and all

Phase II

Awakening to the Source of Your Feminine Power

  • Establish a new relationship with your Vulva or Yoni, the home of your
    feminine power.
  • Explore and embody the 4 archetypes of the Goddess of Love and
    Sexuality;  Aphrodite, the Sacred Prostitute/Holy Whore, Lilith, the Primal
    Goddess and the Sexual Healer.
  • Discover a new way to define and use your sexual allure.

Phase III

Embracing Your Sexual Power and The New Feminine Mystique

  • Become fully integrated with all of the four archetypes of the Goddesses of
    Love and Sexuality.
  • Redefine what it means to be a sexy, powerful woman and learn how to
    thrive as a sexually empowered woman.
  • Become more masterful with your own sexual energy and awaken your
    kundalini power.
  • Anchor in this new energy of the feminine and create new archetypes that
    represent this new way of being a woman.

Phase IV

Entering into the Light of Womanhood

  • Explore what the Light of Womanhood means, the properties of light and
    how it affects your body, mind, emotions and consciousness.
  • Anchor this new energy into your body.
  • Explore ways to offer your gifts and to serve as a Priestess of the Flame and
    a frequency holder of the Light of Womanhood.
  • Participate in an Ordination Ceremony and receive the final Light of
    Womanhood activation.

We will incorporate sacred theater, dance, story-telling, sacred sexuality
practices, and many other modalities in this eight-month journey.
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