Breathe up into your first Chakra and see the color red.  Notice if you feel your energy stuck or
dead in that area. If you do, ask yourself how you wish to release this stuck energy and do.  Fill
release energy and clockwise to expand and open.

see it swirling around. Take your right hand and begin to make clockwise circles expanding your see
it swirling around. Take your right hand and begin to make clockwise circles expanding your energy.

Continue to breathe and draw the energy up into your third Chakra, the solar plexus just below your
navel.  See the color yellow and sense if you feel any stuck energy. If you do release it.  Then
imagine a yellow star or sun in the center of your solar plexus.  Taking your right hand, begin to
make clockwise circles, expanding the energy.

Now bring this energy into your heart, the fourth Chakra, and see the color green or rose pink.  
Notice if you feel any stuck energy here and if so release it.  Then let the pink or green energy begin
to swirl around and taking your right hand make clockwise circles expanding the energy.

Then, bring the energy to your throat, fifth Chakra, and see the color indigo,  a deep blue with
purplish hints. Cleanse as before and expand  this Chakra’s energy out.  

Next bring this energy to your third eye, the sixth Chakra, and see the color violet. You may wish to
tap lightly on this area with your hand  to awaken it. If it feels like there is any stuck energy, release
it and then begin to move your hand in a clockwise direction expanding the energy.

Finally, go to your crown Chakra above the top of your head. Imagine light pouring in from the
heavens.  See strands of crystalline lights extending out from your crown and pouring down into
your heart.  Feel the downpouring of energy going to the heart and see the same crystalline energy
streaming up from the Earth, up through your spine to the heart.  Let the energy merge and
The following is a guideline in doing your practice. Actual practices are given below.

1. Gather together or sit alone.  If alone, sit close to a mirror.
2. Begin to gently center yourself and follow your breath.
3. Begin the Grounding Meditation (see below).
4. Do the Chakra Meditation below or create your own.
5. Take your special anointing oil and anoint your sister or self and honor her or yourself as a
Priestess and Temple Sister. You can take turns and do each Chakra.
7. Sit in silence receiving what you have just done.
8. You can end here or continue on.  If you end here see the closing prayer below.
9.  Begin stretching and/or movement. Dance if you like. Then, when you are ready, sit in silence
once again receiving what you have just done.
10. End by saying to each other:

“I awaken in you the priestess that you are, and I see in you the priestess that I am."
Grounding Meditation
If you are two or more, begin by sitting in circle. If you are alone, sit in front of your favorite
place to meditate.

Close your eyes and just notice your breathing, in and out. Be aware of the sensation of your
breath. If your mind starts to wander, gently bring yourself back to your breath.

Now imagine a grounding cord that begins at your perineum or coccyx that is going into the Earth
as crystalline energy or threads or cords.   Go as far down into the Earth as you can until you
sense you have gone to the center.  When you are at the center, see the fire or lava of the Earth
and find something to wrap your cord around.

Then, as you continue breathing, imagine releasing through this cord everything that you are not
wanting in your energy field, your mind or your emotional body.  Allow yourself to see or feel
this excess energy flowing out of you into your crystalline cord and into the earth.

Then begin to breathe the Earth’s energy up into your cord.  Breath in the Earth's love and
support and exhale out love and support to the Earth herself.  Continue to breathe upwards
through all the levels of the Earth until you have entered your body through your first Chakra.
Anointment  Ceremony
Take your favorite oil and sit in front of a mirror if you are alone, or with a sister.  If you are doing
this with your friend, anoint each Chakra as you speak words of inspiration, or anoint only the
Chakras you feel called to.  It is important to really take the time to speak only from your center, to
feel the words for your sister

Then, if you are with a sister, switch.  If you are alone you can anoint yourself by looking into a
mirror and saying whatever comes from your heart to yourself. This can also be extremely powerful.

At the end of this ceremony say to each other or to yourself:

“I awaken in you the priestess that you are, and I see in you the priestess that I am.”

This simple ceremony will call forward in you the Priestess that you already are, allowing you to
embody this aspect of yourself even more.

If you choose to include movement, yoga or any kind of stretching, do these things after.
Chakra Meditation