Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy for Modern Lovers (2006)
A comprehensive video guide to the Tantric and Taoist erotic arts of the East. Discover the secrets of extended,
full body, and valley orgasms. Free female orgasm by awakening the 'Goddess" spot. Learn powerful breath
techniques for mastering sexual energy. Experience the power of ritual for enhancing lovemaking. Deepen
intimacy and put new magic into your relationship! Expanded 2 hour DVD edition includes 4 new chapters
from the leading authorities on Tantric Sex: Nik Douglas, Margot Anand, Charles and Caroline Muir, and
David Ramsdale.
The Art of Orgasm for Men and Women: The Multi-Orgasmic Couple
by Margot Anand
The Art of Orgasm for Men and Women: The Multi-Orgasmic Couple is an explicit two-DVD program
on sexual pleasure for men and women based on Margot Anand's book, The Art of Sexual Magic and
on her Multi-Orgasmic Response Ecstasy (MORE) training workshops. SkyDancing Tantra teachers
Kosha Deva and Sohini Genevieve offer step-by-step demonstrations of the methods used to attain
the highest possible levels of sexual pleasure, deepening their intimate connection. The programs
demonstrate detailed techniques for achieving easy and effective communication during lovemaking,
ejaculation mastery for men, and deepening orgasmic pleasure for women. You will learn profound
ways of connecting Heart and Sex to open the doors to deep intimacy.
Liquid Love: The G-Spot Explosion
by Godfrey Silas & Leila Swan
A documentary/educational film which provokes and dazzles the imagination. The film forges
a new framework for understanding the female orgasm, laying to rest the "myth" of female
ejaculation and the g-spot - an exquisite preserve of mystery and wonder. With unbridled
audacity, the women of LIQUID LOVE celebrate the symphony of desire, abandon and
rapture as they gush forth their "primal liquid gold."

Complete with expert analysis from Dr. Carol Queen of Good Vibrations, and Deborah
Sundahl, g-spot expert; and ravishing tales of explosive orgasms by the ejaculating women
on the film, this presentation weaves a rich tapestry of sizzling eroticism, intellect and explosive
female ejaculations; yielding an evocative and rare motion picture.
Better Sex Video: The Better Sex Guide to the Kama Sutra DVD
by Prof. Prakash Kothari, M.D., Ph.D.
Written by Vatsyana in approx. 350 AD, the Kama Sutra (Principle’s of Love), connects
all aspects of sexual life. These ancient and timeless teachings of the East are revealed with
expert advice from noted Indian Sexologist and Kama Sutra authority, Prof. Prakash Kothari,
MD, PhD. Sharing a highly developed expression of their erotic desires, real couples demonstrate
positions outlined in the text and live the principles, "what’s good for the body is good for sex".
Included with this new DVD set is a CD (35 minutes) of the original music score from the video.
Secrets of Female Sexual Ecstasy DVD
by Charles and Caroline Muir
Educational, Erotic, and Visually Stunning!

This educational, erotic, and exceptionally-beautiful DVD from Charles and Caroline Muir
will show you ways to more intimacy, passion, and emotional connection than you can now
imagine. Explicit, yet not X-rated, sexual loving is depicted with an innocence, beauty, and
wisdom that transforms sex into a new art form for the 21st century, with clear instructions
to awaken and release unlimited orgasmic energy. You will banish boredom from your
bedroom and significantly increase your lovemaking skills.

In this DVD you will learn:
•Secrets of Erotic Kissing and Touch
•Facts about Male Ejaculatory Choice, a Key to Creating Maximum Lovemaking Health, Creativity, and Power
•Detailed Instructions for Female Sacred Spot (G-Spot) Massage
•Female Ejaculation – The Truth about Amrita, the Divine Nectar
Loving Sex - Orgasmic Women
by Dr. Betty Dodson
Demystify female masturbation with a group of thirteen women who tell their most intimate
secrets. Learn how to touch and bring a woman to new heights of sexual ecstasy. Explore
intimacy through this spirited sharing of erotic practices and techniques. Join artist, author,
sexologist, and masturbation revolutionary Betty Dodson in promoting women's sexual p
leasure. Discover basic and advanced masturbation skills that will improve the orgasmic
experience for you
* Includes the bonus DVD Betty Dodson: Her Life of Sex and Art from award-winning
director Mark Schoen, Ph.D.
The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women
by Molly Dorais and Tim Kelly
The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everday Women® Core Moves teaches the secrets that
exotic dancers have used for years. Master walking & eye contact. Learn 4 hip rolls,
floorwork, visualization and the striptease.
How To Strip For Your Husband Lover Or Partner
The sexy secrets of professional strippers are revealed for the first time in this DVD,
along with advice on preparing for and performing an erotic stripshow for your husband
or lover in the privacy of your own home. This program provides easy step-by-step
instructions for the ultimate seduction. You'll learn what to wear and how to move,
plus you'll learn the three sexy techniques that professional strippers use to keep men
coming back for more! This new edition DVD contains the original 46 minutes of "How
To Strip...", plus over an hour of additional behind-the-scenes footage of unedited dance
routines and performer auditions.
The Lover's Guide to Extended Orgasm
Dr. Jean-Yves Desjardins
Every couple can learn to extend their sexual pleasure with the clinically tested technician
developed by Canadian physician and world-renowned human sexuality expert, Dr. Jean-Yves
Desjardins. Discover the easy-to-learn methods to increase your partner's pleasure and build
her arousal so she can reach a fully satisfying extended orgasm. This program includes a unique
combination of techniques that teach a man how to blend ancient and modern secrets to extend
his endurance by controlling his breath, properly positioning his body and varying the pace of
lovemaking until the desired moment of ejaculation arrives. All couples can learn to experience
more satisfying orgasms with the uniquely effective techniques featured in this sensual guide to
extended pleasure for men and women.
Magdalene Unveiled: The Ancient and Modern Sacred Prostitute
By Sarah Sher and Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Who was Mary Magdalene? Was she a redeemed prostitute? Was she a high priestess from
a different religious tradition embracing fertility rituals? MAGDALENE UNVEILED takes us
into the world of the ancient and modern sacred prostitute. This 2-DVD set explores the
mystique of Mary Magdalene and other archetypal symbols of a primordial sacred-sexual
role. Contemporary women and men known as sacred intimates, tantrikas, sexual healers,
dakas/dakinis, and sexual shamans share their lives and their visions.

Presenters include followers of Mary Magdalene, Western Tantra teachers, a porn star, a
Tibetan Buddhist lama, an African Nubian-Khamite priestess, a Native American shaman,
and an Episcopal priest. The contemporary sacred prostitute no longer has a public temple
where she or he can share the ceremonies openly. There is little or no lineage to reveal the
sacred mysteries from high priest/ess to initiate. Legally, socially, religiously, the sacred
prostitute has been out in the cold — until now!
Jean Shinoda Bolen: Goddesses in Everywoman
The goddesses of classical Greek mythology represent powerful psychic forces which are
active in women today. Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., author of The Tao of Psychology and
Goddesses in Every Woman, points out that understanding these archetypes enables us to
appreciate the mythological dimensions of our own lives.
DVDs to help you embody the sexual archetypes of the Goddess.
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