I began my spiritual journey at age 20, when I began to study Hatha Yoga. A whole new
world opened up for me and I drank everything in. After reading Autobiography of a Yogi I
had a spiritual awakening, and I moved to the Bay Area. Within a year I found my spiritual
family and home. The name of the organization was The Teaching of the Inner Chirst.  This
was a non-denominational New Thought Metaphysical church that combined mysticism,
metaphysical principles and New Thought, the teachings of Earnest Holmes.

Our main Master teachers were Jesus and Babaji, but we worked with many other Ascended
Masters as well. It was here that I learned how to be a conscious channel and to connect with
my I Am presence and other teachers and guides, as well as how to go very deep in my
meditation practice. I was with that organization for 11 years and became a leader, teacher,
Prayer Therapist, Ordained Minister, Assistant Minister of the San Francisco Center and a
modern mystic of sorts.

In 1986 I left T.I.C. and embarked on a life long study of the mythology of the goddess and
women's spirituality.  I wrote my first book,
The Rebirth of the Feminine Spirit, and
continued to dedicate myself to doing  my inner work as well as offering goddess workshops
and public speaking throughout the Bay Area.  It was at that time I had a mystical experience
and was shown that I had been a priestess in the Temple of Isis and a lineage holder of the
ancient matriarchal and sacred teachings of the divine feminine. These priestesses were called
Priestesses of Flame and Keepers of the Flame, referring to the flame of our original
divine human blueprint. I was also told that I would have a school for women and a priestess
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