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The School of Womyn’s Mysteries is a mystery school based on the ancient and
new wisdom of the Divine Feminine energy known as The Light of
Womanhood… and in understanding how to embody and use our authentic
feminine power, our sexual power.

Where It Began
Within the Temple of Isis in Ancient Egypt there was a sect of priestesses known
as Priestesses of the Flame. Their main purpose was to keep safe and protect the
true knowledge of the source of our feminine power, our sexual energy. Mary
Magdalene came to this temple as part of her studies during this time and to impart
to Enjara, Priestess of the Flame, (myself in a former lifetime) new light codes for
the Divine Feminine. Mary asked Enjara to protect these codes of light until a time
came when they could be given to women once again.

The time for these codes of light to be revealed is Now! Enjara Priestess of the
Flame asked me many years ago to take this lineage forward to the modern
woman by creating
The School of Womyn’s Mysteries. I answered the call, will

                                     OUR PROGRAMS

The Light of Womanhood ~ Priestess of the Flame Initiation and Training is an
eight-month program beginning this Fall. Become a part of this ancient lineage as a
Priestess of the Flame and ignite this New paradigm for the Divine Feminine
known as The Light of Womanhood.

The Yoni Empowerment Ceremony and Playshop is an opportunity for you to
reconnect with a very sacred part of your body, your yoni or vulva. Join us in
celebrating the source of your feminine power and reserve your space now.

Awakening to the Goddesses of Love Teleseminar. Explore four aspects of the
Goddesses of Love and Sexuality and learn how you can utilize their gifts to
become a more sexually confident, savvy and fulfilled woman. Sign-up for this 6
week course beginning in October.

The Legacy of the Sacred Prostitute & the Holy Whore Teleseminar.  Learn the
true story about these courageous women. Understand the legacy and the gifts that
these early sexual healers you ready to be a leader in a new movement of the
Divine Feminine?
Are you ready to be a leader in a new movement
of the Divine Feminine?

Are your ready to reclaim your authentic sexual power
and step more fully into it?

the world with your presence as an embodiment of
The Light of Womanhood and Priestess of the Flame!