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The School of Womyn’s Mysteries is a mystery school based on both the
ancient and new teachings of the Divine Feminine energy known as the Solar
Feminine and on understanding the Power and Mystery of a Woman’s Body.

In the temples of Isis in Ancient Egypt many of these teachings and
ceremonies were offered to women who were being initiated into the fullness
of their authentic feminine power to become Priestesses of the Flame.

These teachings and ceremonies as well as new ones based on the New Solar
Feminine are now being made available through
The School of Womyn's
in an eight month program called The Light of Womanhood ~
Priestess of the Flame Initiation and Training. We also offer several other
workshops and classes that are designed specifically to assist you in stepping
more fully into your authentic feminine power.

It is because of the great upliftment of humankind on a collective level at this
time and specifically because of the resurgence of the Divine Feminine that
womankind is now ready to reconnect, remember and reclaim her heritage
and her feminine power.
At The School of Womyn’s Mysteries, we are committed to:
Reclaiming our sexual innocence and understanding fully the innate
power of our feminine form and how to use it with integrity.
Loving and accepting ourselves fully as we are.
Recognizing the bond of sisterhood for all women everywhere as Temple
Healing the split between sex and spirit.
Remembering our Priestess Self and bringing her fully present so that we
begin to own her in ourselves and see her in all women.
Igniting the Flame of our Authentic Self and becoming The Light of
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